2024 Membership Updates

Early membership renewal begins on May 1st. Renew in the month of May to lock in 2023 membership rates for 2024!

💳 Membership Dues Changes:

Due to the increased cost of running the organization and retaining the current member benefits and activities, it was voted by the board to increase Full memberships $45, Associate memberships to $55, while student and program director memberships would remain complimentary.

🗳 Membership Level Definition Changes:

A vote on proposed by law changes to redefine Full and Associate membership levels was closed on 4/18 and was unanimously voted for the change. Membership levels for 2024 renewal will be defined as:

  • Full members shall be individuals who are registered veterinary technicians in Missouri.
  • Associate members shall be individuals, including credentialed technicians outside of Missouri, who are interested in veterinary technology and the goals of the association.

Student and program director membership level definitions remain unchanged.